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Part of the Anitech KnowAll Product family, KnowReports is a Management Information Dashboard, providing real-time Product and Spend metrics, designed for Atlassian JIRA and accessible via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Used as part of all Anitech service deliveries, the KnowReports Dashboard provides a real-time, singular, view of Financial data mapped to Product delivery data by integrating with well-known time sheet and delivery management tools.​ The Dashboard provides an out-of-the-box model that aligns time sheet management with product delivery, thereby providing delivery, management and procurement stakeholders with the most up-to-date data necessary to support more accurate forecasting and spend.

The Dashboard is ideal for time and material deliveries, and includes a variety of administrator-only screens that allow users set information such as:

  • Each individual in your delivery team

  • Roles of each individual conducting work as part of the project

  • Rate Card information, outlining rate information according to each role

  • Project Budget

  • Payment Milestones

The application then captures delivery information from Atlassian JIRA and, using the time-sheet information, presents a real-time view of:

  • Overall Product burn-down

    • Product burn-down according to Product Feature / Epic / User Story

  • Total time logged to-date by the delivery team

    • Total time per Product Feature / Epic / User Story

  • Total Spend to-date

    • Total Spend according to Product Feature / Epic / User Story

  • Total Spend according to Role

  • Total Budget remaining

  • Estimated Number of Team days remaining

  • Estimated Delivery date at current rate of spend and product burn-down

Using this information, the user can revise their budget and burn-rate information in order to forecast any changes required to meet delivery or budget deadlines.

The Dashboard provides a historic view of data, which can be exported according to date range in PDF, Excel or HTML formats.

The Anitech KnowReports Dashboard is available for Atlassian JIRA in the Atlassian Marketplace, but can be easily customised to run within other containers - talk to us about that today!

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