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Why Us

Our Offerings

We provide both I.T. products and services – both elements involve building high quality software.

From a services perspectives, our offerings can fulfill parts of - or the entire - I.T function for small to medium to large organisations. These services focus on software development, operation and support:


Business Analysis

Cloud & Microservices Architectures

Software Development

User Experience / User Interface Development

Automated Testing

DevOps-based Infrastructure


And, those services roll up into offerings:


Bespoke software development

Mobile App Development

Agile / Lean Transformation Consulting

How we differentiate

Anitech was created to provide value to customers. Our services are completely outcomes-focused and we believe in complete and open transparency from the outset, and in providing value at affordable cost.

We believe our key differentiation lies in the following:


  • You won’t necessarily see the words “disrupt” or "ground-breaking" in our discussions, because not all software needs that. Using our delivery processes, we just build high quality, successful, software that works each, and every, time, according to your needs.

  • We invest in understanding. The first phase of work is on us. We will run a short, low impact, assessment to understand what you need and identify it in the form of an "Outcome" - the outcome captures what your business stakeholders want, and how your I.T stakeholders want it delivered. If you approve the outcome, as documented by us, we’ll agree a commercial arrangement to deliver that. We are not in this to land armies of consultants and log time.

  • We don’t look to do Time and Materials or Fixed Price costings. Our preferred approach is to cost per outcome. This level of understanding lowers the dependency on you, and allows us manage risk.

  • We provide highly effective, highly productive, Scrum Teams, focused on delivering those outcomes. Should we agree to deliver something, we provide established teams, with well-understood productivity levels, not groups of sub-contractors hastily brought together. 

  • Our personnel are highly experienced in many aspects of software development, test and delivery. Coupled with our strong business analysis capabilities, which have a breadth of cover across many sectors, we cover many of the modern application development languages, automated test frameworks and DevOps tooling.

  • Our Scrum teams operate from our offices. We will provide on-site representation if you wish, but we cover desk and machine costs from our location. Our goal is for you to only be concerned with our outcome, not managing delivery teams.

  • We deliver software in product increments using Agile and Lean techniques only. We ask you to nominate representatives who can engage with, and support, our Scrum teams as we deliver your outcomes in the form of a product. This implies both business and I.T. representation.

  • We deliver in our environments as far as yours. We take ownership of, and provide, delivery environments in support of software development, quality assurance, and acceptance testing.

  • We deliver outcomes in the form or product increments, that sum up to your market solution. These increments begin to be delivered within two weeks of start. The approach means you actively participate in the evolution of your product from day one.

  • Our deliverables are aligned to your needs. We deliver software in the form of service container artifacts. From the outset, we create a plan of automated software delivery that aligns to your I.T. needs.

  • We give you complete transparency. We provide real-time Management Information Dashboards to allow you track Spend versus Product burn-down. This means Finance, procurement and delivery stakeholders get a real-time view of the information they require. If you have an issue, and need us to down tools: flag it on the dashboard.

  • If we feel we cannot deliver according to requirement: we tell you. We look for engagements where we can bring a modern approach to the solution architecture, where we believe we can add value and, most importantly, establish a relationship in which we can collectively culture an environment that brings success for both parties.


The more we can manage of the delivery environment ourselves, the delivery processes ourselves, automate ourselves, and the more we can agree upon up-front with you, the more value we can provide at lower cost.


We only ask our Clients to judge us on two things: our productivity and pro-activity.

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