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About Us

Anitech Solutions

Formed in 2006, Anitech Solutions is an I.T. services provider based in Dublin, Ireland. We offer a range of products and services that are centered on our key principles of quality, value, tangible benefits and transparency. Our core products are KnowFrontier, an enterprise portal solution for schools, and SOBASuite, a set of development tools that allow business analyst and technical resources generate complex application interfaces and code.
In addition to product, we work with large enterprise organisations all over the world in the delivery of innovative software solutions, which are predicated on modern Agile and Lean delivery techniques and tooling. Our team has a proven track record in the design, delivery and support of large-scale enterprise solutions across a variety of sectors such as education, finance, retail and telecommunications.

Our Approach to Services

Staff Augmentation is good, but it's not our preferred model. Anitech is an agile company. We provide our clients with full “Scrum” teams, which are well-oiled, highly productive, teams of cross-functional people with varying skills and ability, that focus solely on delivering a business outcome. Our teams work remotely from our offices. Our objective is always to provide a proactive, efficient, team of people who know one-another, work well-together, but most importantly, understand how to engage with client stakeholders and deliver on well-defined outcomes. An outcome combines what your business stakeholders want, with what your I.T stakeholders need delivered.

Agile, not Fragile...because if not done right, agile can often turn fragile. We pride ourselves on our agile ways of working, and more importantly, our ability to deliver business outcomes based on “product or program” increments – in a client environment. From the outset, we take time to understand the client’s landscape, needs, how they work and then define a strategy to engage and work together.  We then work with the client to identify their roles and responsibilities in working with us to ensure a successful delivery.

We provide complete commitment on instances where we believe our work practices align. We will always conduct our diligence up-front, work with a client to understand the need and define outcomes – from both functional and non-functional perspectives – and create an agreement that we believe is conducive to success. If we feel we cannot deliver on this, we say so. 

What we do
  • Support aspects of, or the entire, I.T function for a Client:

    • Provide Managed Services that fulfill this function:

      • Software Development

        • Provide effective, highly capable, Scrum Teams off-site

        • Work closely with Business stakeholders to deliver Software in the format required by I.T stakeholders

      • Software Operation and Management

        • Ensure Quality of Service through Application Support

    • Create software using pipeline automation to ensure frequent delivery of high quality code

    • Deliver software in the form of modern Service container artifacts

    • Provide Client with access to our Management and Delivery Tooling

    • Encapsulate all of the above in a commercial agreement representing a business “outcome” 

What we don't do
  • Deliver using antiquated delivery practices

  • Commit to a delivery if we do not feel we can deliver according to expectation

  • Provide anything less than our best

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