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Delta Teams

Delta Teams

We provide our clients with full “Scrum” teams, which are well-oiled, highly productive, teams of cross-functional people with varying skills and ability, that focus solely on delivering a business outcome. Our teams work remotely from our offices. Our objective is always to provide a proactive, efficient, team of people who know one-another, work well-together, but most importantly, understand how to engage with client stakeholders and deliver on well-defined outcomes.


An outcome combines what your business stakeholders want, with what your I.T stakeholders need delivered.

Our Approach - Engagement Model

Up-front Understanding

Before we commit to any delivery, we invest in our understanding your needs in the context of your environment. That is, a short assessment conducted by one of our Agile consultants to quickly get an understanding of your business, your environments and your requirements. This allows us to understand where we can help, define outcomes and identify all areas in which we can provide value. An outcome defines what your business wants and how I.T wants it delivered.

Client Roles

As with many things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. We follow this mantra too in all of our deliveries where we ask you to nominate representatives who can engage with, and support, our Scrum teams as we deliver your outcomes in the form of a product. This implies both business and I.T. representation.

Agile Iterative Delivery

The better we understand your needs, the better we deliver. Based on our up-front understanding, we provide crossfunctional scrum teams, that can be costed according to one team-wide rate, or on the basis of well-defined business outcomes. We follow a low-risk agile approach to all of our work, which allows us deliver your product in the form of increments that are periodically delivered and reviewed with our product representatives. 

Delivery Artifacts and Risk Management 

Modern I.T deliverables come in the form of managed containers. Anitech has invested in building strong Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines that can be leveraged by your business to deliver containers into your Test and Production environments. The more risk Anitech can manage during the development and delivery phases, the less dependency on you, and the higher quality outcome we can deliver at the end.

Our Approach - Infrastructure and Tooling 


We can take ownership of, and provide, delivery environments in support of software development, quality assurance, and acceptance testing. We typically prefer to provide cloud-based environments, to which we provide access for Client stakeholders. These are virtualized environments that form part of our wider best practice delivery techniques. 


Continuous Integration and Delivery

Our teams have a lot of experience with strong Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines in respect of creating pipeline as code, and delivery of artifacts using service containers. Our goal during the assessment phase is to ensure we understand the type of service container images and deployment locations required by the Client I.T. Owner in order to be able deliver those on a continuous basis. Today we primarily deliver using Docker.

Delivery Management

We provide access for all Client Stakeholders to our Agile Delivery management tools so they can see the work in progress and that planned. 

Management Information Dashboards

In addition to delivering on outcomes, we would ask Clients to measure us on our pro-activity. We want to provide value throughout the delivery chain and take proactive steps to ensure we do just that. We provide bespoke Dashboard, as part of our KnowReport product, to provide Clients with the ability to measure Anitech on the basis of delivery, delivery management, and broader value-add.

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