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Alpha Program

The Anitech Alpha Program provides access to highly capable, highly effective, delivery 'Programmers'.


More and more organisations recognise that, when it comes to building a new product from the ground up, it is far more effective to put together small teams of 'Rock Stars' than it is to stand up numerous teams with high numbers of more junior personnel.


The Alpha Program is where you come to get 'Rock Stars' 

Our Alpha Program provides access to individuals that have years of experience in various sectors, technologies and delivery models under their belts. Not only do our client organisations avail of this, but we at Anitech source all team members for our Delta teams via this program.

We strive to ensure our Alpha Programmers are motivated - via working with appropriate client organisations on the right kind of projects, or via internal up-skilling and progression programs - and only work in environments in which they feel they can influence outcomes and provide value.

Talk to us today about how our Alpha Programmers can help you - we currently provide across a range of skills, roles and capabilities

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